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Andrew Mackey began storytelling when he was just a child growing up metropolitan Detroit. Shortly after realizing he loved to talk he quickly learned he loved sports. Andrew never really found his calling until he was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease in 2015. Unable to work because of his disease he had to find what he truly loved to do - turns out it was telling people a story.  Mackey turned his attic into a recording studio and put Good Hustle on the air in 2018. 


Andrew is a lifelong Detroit sports fan. He's seen a once in a lifetime running back and a football season without a single win. He's lived through three World Series appearances and the second-worst season in baseball history. Mackey watched an owner go from giving away cars to get fans into the arena to Stanley Cups parades. He proudly rooted for the most physical team in all of basketball and then saw that same team adopt teal uniforms.


Mackey attended The Ohio State University and was present in the end zone for the famous "Holy Buckeye" play. He enjoys listening to other podcasts, reading, emotional gambling, and prequel memes.    


In addition to his work with Good Hustle, he is also a freelance graphic designer, web designer, and writer. Andrew does all the writing, promotion, graphics and production of the show. 


His favorite athlete and spirit animal is former Detroit Pistons forward/center Bill Laimbeer.










  • Winner of 1994 Garden City Young Athletic Association Class A Miniature Golf  Championship. 

  • Displays a Darko Milicic bobblehead in his home office. 

  • Runs exclusively on Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

  • Loves cooking because it combines two of his favorite things, serving others and following directions. 

  • Enjoys pointing to where he grew up in Michigan on his right hand.

  • Believes "Miami" by Will Smith to be a prophecy about LeBron James' career.

  • Has no fond memories of Michael Jordan because he killed his favorite childhood team.



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